My Introduction

I decided to start with my new blog, new from a few months ago but i never decided to write...
As a description of myself I'm a chef, i started my passion for cooking since i was a kid, next to my grandmother, baking cakes, cookies, muffins and ice-creams....
I started the cookery school at the age of 13, started working at 15 , studying during the year and working during the summer, i start working full-time in a kitchen when i was 18, at the age of 20 i became sous-chef, and i was Head Chef with 21. After a couple of years i wanted to learn more and i decided to work at the Best Hotel Relais & Chateaux of Spain, Mas de Torrent, after that i've done 6 month at the 3 Michelin Star El Celler de Can Roca and then i moved to Mallorca to another Relais & Chateaux, Hotel Cala St Vicenç where i realized all the english i had at school wasn't even enough to have a simple conversation.
Then I decided to move to London, where i went to an english school for few month, at the same time I had my first job as a chef. It was in a London top 10 gastropub, The Lord Stanley where the Head Chef Robert Wright, teach me all about the traditional English Cuisine, where the bread was handmade everyday, the same with the Ice creams, and all the food was freshly made from scratch.
I moved to a French well-named restaurant in Primrose Hill, Odette's Restaurant. After 6 month there i started with the Catering world, cooking for Urban Caprice during a year, then moved after knowing that Fernando Alonso signed for McLaren, to his catering company Absolute Taste. 2 Years after i decided to start my own catering business, summer of 2009.
My main job is work as a private catering and private chef, cooking for families, doing private parties, little events and looking after the moment i can't complain as my job is well appreciated ....
In the last five years i've been cooking from Palaces for Royalty Family, Actress, Football Players, Singers, Fashion Designers, Top Models, and many other Celebrities. I also cook for family, friends and people not that well known...but not less important for me.


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