Edible Sea Light

If you think you've eaten everything's possible in this world...then think again.

Three days ago, Spanish chef Angel Leon presented at "Madridfusion" his latest food creation:

The whole auditorium was almost in complete darkness as he explained how their research started 4 years ago catching lemon fish or seriola by using calamari as a live bait. The calamari produced a very weak light inside the water and the chef asked himself if he could bring that light into his kitchen. That was the moment when they discovered the existence of micro-organisms that produce bioluminescence by themselves.

In 1865 Rafael Dubois had already extracted the luciferin and luciferase, two types of enzyme that combined, and in the presence of oxygen, generates the sea light.

After lots of trials, they selected 5 bacteria and 5 micro seaweed. From there the goal was to cook the seaweed without killing it, keeping the PH, the nutrients and salinity necessary to keep those lightening agents alive during the  cooking process.   
During the period of 6 months they experimented with different types of vegetable stocks. Finally they found success in the tomato vegetation water. After 25 minutes of introduction, chef Angel Leon ask to switch off the lights completely and then he exposed 2 flashing jars. 
He then introduced the Edible Sea Light. Everyone in the room stood up and started clapping the chef. For the first time in the cooking history the sea bioluminescence will reach your mouth.


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