The week before Easter I went to work to this Best restaurant of Spain 2011and 1star Michelin Can Jubany situated at the heart of Catalonia. He is considered the king of all game and truffles in Catalonia. If he doesn't have woodcock, no one in Barcelona has imagine. I went there for dinner just before New Year's Eve and the Sous-Chef Quicu and right hand of Nandu Jubany invited me to go and work a few days with them. As I was going to Barcelona to visit Alimentaria, a food exhibition that happens in Barcelona every 2 years, I took advantage and I accepted the invitation of my friend Quicu.
A mix of techniques from El Bulli combined perfectly with the most pure, and traditional Catalan cuisine are mixed in this restaurant.
Canapes like the Mojito sorbet, the gorgonzola ball made in a ballon, all cooked in liquid nitrogen, the famous air-baguette with Iberico ham goes well with other canapes more traditional like the crispy suckling pig tuille, the mini fuet home made at the restaurant or the carrot and beetroot with herbs mayonnaise.
One favourite starter was the "Coca" made with puff pastry, caramelised apple and foie mi-cuit all made in the restaurant. Main courses like the Hake fillet cooked at low temperature with pumpkin liquid gnocchi, or the crispy suckling pig with chutney were some of my favourites.
My favourite pudding was the Catalan Cream foam. Here I attached the recipe.

Catalan Cream foam:


500 g double cream
500 g milk
8 egg yolks
150 g caster sugar 
1 gelatin leave 
1 cinnamon stick 
1 lemon zest
1 orange zest


Infuse the milk, cream, cinnamon and the zests. When is hot will pour over the yolks previously mixed with the sugar and will bring it back to cook till reach the first bobble. Then we'll add the gelatin previously soaked in cold water and we pass all together for a fine colander.Put inside a whipper gun with 2 charges and cold down in the fridge for about 12 hours. We can serve this with nuts, strawberries or a caramel ice cream.
                                                     Here with the chef Nandu Jubany

                                           Those are the liquid gnocchi made of pumpkin


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