Macarons or macaroons...

Today I want to talk about macaroons. This little French biscuits, originally from Italy and exported to France when Catherine De'Medici married the french king Henry II. In my own experience those are one of the most difficult desserts to elaborate. Today I tried to make some with this new book that I just bought called I love macaroons, but my first trial following the recipe step by step end up with a messy kitchen and not useful macaroons... So I went back to my recipe that I get from when I stage at the Michelin restaurant Can Bosch in Cambrils, Barcelona.

This is my best recipe:

150 g icing sugar
150 g ground almond
1 egg white

Mix till get a marzipan texture

150 g Caster sugar
50 g Water

Bring to boil till reach 115, then start whipping the egg whites during 4-5 minutes.

1egg white
15 g caster sugar

When it reaches 118 C pour inside the kenwood mixer or similar. You can also do it in a bowl with manual or electric whisks. Work the mix with a spatula till get get a smooth mix. Put into a pipping bag and pipe on a tray covering the base with parchment paper. Leave it rest for 15 minutes then put in the oven @ 140 C degrees for 6 minutes, then put it down to 130 C during another 8-10 minutes.

For the fillings you can use different stuff, Nutella is one of my favorites but you can always prepare a ganache (50/50 chocolate/cream). Also any sort of jams will do it. For other different flavors you can make a cream Patisserie and flavor it with any of your favorite ingredients.

Hope you enjoy this recipe and try it home...


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