A week at Untitled Restaurant by Robert Wright

This week I'm in Cornwall, south west of England, helping my friend Rob sorting out new tapas for his restaurant and swapping ideas on traditional British and some modern Spanish and Catalan cuisine. Tonight the restaurant is nearly fully booked so we'll have to be ready with the new ideas such as the smoked Cornish sardines with romesco sauce and croutons, the pork and chicken liver terrine with raisins and spices, and the poached pear in red wine, Cornish rocks and vanilla cream. They have also a good selection of traditional dishes with Rob's personal touch. A good selection of cheeses, mainly from Cornwall, are displayed in a big wooden board. The wine list is carefully selected for the sommelier to match with the tapas and the main menu.
This morning we visited the fish market in Newlyn, where the boats are back after a week fishing in deep sea water. Is incredible the fragrant smell of fresh sea water at the arrival where someone will think about other kind of smells.
Looking forward to be Sunday to visit around the area and have a big lunch surrounded by family and friends...


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