Today is pancake's day for many English speaking countries. In other countries like Spain, Italy, Portugal or Brasil is the day after of the biggest night of Carnival party celebrations.
As I live in UK today I will share one of my best recipes to do a pancake mix.

Pancake recipe:

2 medium eggs
125 g plain flour
250 ml milk
20 g sugar
20 g butter
Pinch of salt
Orange/Lemon zest
Pinch of ground cinnamon
Ideally have all the ingredients room temperature.

Melt the butter in a Bain Marie, then bit the eggs with the sugar, add the milk and the butter in, add the flour gradually and constantly whisking. Add the rest of ingredients and leave to rest in the fridge for an hour.
Cook in a nonstick pan for a minute in each side.

You can put anything inside the pancakes as they work the same way as crepes.
Some of the fillings can be:

- Crispy bacon and egg pancake
- Cheddar cheese and ham
- Cheddar cheese and Marmite
- Mushrooms, garlic and parsley

- Mixed berries and vanilla ice cream
- Blue berries, banana and maple syrup
- Banana and Nutella
- Strawberries and cream



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